At Mitunguu TTI we ensure that our trainees  are all rounded by ensuring thy participate in  Co-curricular activities such as Games and sports,registration of clubs and societies,attending Trade fairs,interdepartmental competitions and holding cultural day to celebrate our diverse cultures.


we ensure we bring out the best, all rounded trainees by creating time for developing talents, upholding team work unity and

coexistence through sports participation we have a variety of sports clubs within the institution Students have the opportunity and choice to participate in various activities, which include ball games (football, rugby, volleyball, basketball, and handball), martial arts (Tae-kwondo and karate), indoor games (badminton, table tennis, ) and athletics.





 They are the  trainees representatives from various  departments.

Student council Year 2023 pose for a photo with the Principal and Deans of student after they were sworn in.


A photo of Student Council 2022



We have  vibrant clubs such as Peer counsellors club, drama club , YCS,MUSLIM,SDA,CU



Cultural day aims at promoting national cohesion, we embrace our diversity, we all come from different cultural background.

Mr. and Miss Mitunguu

The day is all about song and dances, individual talents, eating completion, innovations with the climax of the day completion of

the MISS and Mr. Mitunguu .
The Culture Day is a culmination of hours of thinking, creating and hard work and what the trainees produce is truly outstanding.
The presentations are a wonderful opportunity for the trainees to share what they understand about culture and indeed, themselves.

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