Message From principal

It’s a great pleasure to welcome you to Mitunguu Technical Training Institute, as an institution we are determined to be a National Centre of Excellence in Technical & Vocational Education and Training to produce proficient and versatile human resource by providing quality, relevant and innovative Technical & Vocational Education and Training to equip our graduates with market driven skills.
We offer our Trainees the best possible marketable skills, technical know-how and attitudes that respond to contemporary labour market demands in industry, informal sector and for self-employment.
On behalf of the Mitunguu Technical Training Institute management and Board of Governors, I wish to welcome you to join this premier institution and achieve your dream career. Competency in skills training

Why Choose Mitunguu Technical Training Institute
Mitunguu TTI is committed to nurturing graduates who are well molded with professional skills, technical competences, good character and good work ethics.
Mitunguu TTI has adequate, highly qualified training staff, energized and ready to give their all at all times.
• At Mitunguu TTI, we have state of the art buildings, machines & equipment, laboratories & workshops, lecture rooms and lecture theatre.
• Provide adequate practical training to our trainees
• Performance in National Examinations, pass mark is over 60%.
• In science and Innovation, Mitunguu TTI has been leading in robotics competition i.e. finals in Nationals for the last 3 years.
We value your feedback, Contact us on: 0701233591

Mrs. Lucy M. Anampiu

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